Thursday, May 9, 2013

Absentia by Collier Todd Hageman

My mind wanders back
Over all of the faces
My follies, their fates
And so many graces

Every one is a story
With tears and with laughter
Etched in my heart
Here ever after

The embraces, the silence
The taking, the giving
Losing and finding
All part of our living

Our peaks and our valleys
Our oceans, our shore
Sharing the journey
Now nevermore

All my denial
All our insistence
All of our closeness
All of our distance

Why we gave in
How we resisted
How hard the struggle
And how earned your rest is

When the party is over
And I knock on that door
The way will be brighter
Because they went before

This is my time

And I have loved

I am alive.

-- TH 5/8/2013


  1. This moved me. These should be song lyrics!

  2. Simple words, yet profound and moving. I'm reminded of the quote by Einstein: "Simplicity of character is the natural result of profound thought." Will Collier publish a volume of his poetry? He should, if they are like this.


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