Saturday, August 25, 2007

Heroes Of Legend by Collier Todd Hageman

A shameless bit of self-promotion:

I wrote a book! It is called Heroes Of Legend and is a fantasy-adventure novella. It is out of print now but last I knew you could still get a copy on Amazon. It received some decent reviews and comments by readers (some of which can be read on Amazon). While Tolkien would have nothing to worry about from my writing, reviewers almost universally thought it was interesting and a fun read. It is suitable for anyone from young teen on up who enjoys a good fantasy yarn. Thats what it is really, a yarn. I've never maintained that I'm a great writer, but I am a good storyteller. So please give it a read. I welcome comments. Currently a sequel is in the works. It is entitled The Queen of Thieves and as much fun as "Heroes -- " is I believe this one will be a better story.

I am also compiling much of the knowledge and experience I gleaned from several years as a personal trainer into a training manual entitled "The Power Cycle". It is not lengthy and is a practical and easy to follow guide for anyone interested in increasing their strength. It also contains several anecdotes and fascinating bits of strength history and stories of many legendary strong men.

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